New Netflix Documentary Uncovers the Horrors of the Armenian Genocide

New Netflix Documentary Uncovers the Horrors of the Armenian Genocide

The ability of film to bring awareness to the world through documentary cinema is ever expanding for the benefit of all. The Netflix platform is using its ability to connect global citizens with video-on-demand, including crucial documentary footage capturing genocide and compelling examples of human injustice. Most recently, Netflix factual programming has uncovered the horrors of Armenian Genocide. As such, viewers can empower and transform their troubled perspectives into support and intolerance of such maltreatment.

Netflix is bridging media and otherwise uninformed citizens to expose abuses in power and utilize cinema as a channel for connecting the world. In 190 countries so far, the media giant provides vital streaming media, television, and radio programming. Through this kindred network, the circumstances of Armenian people do not have to go without maximized aid efforts and life-saving organization to correct and prevent them. Documentary also gives a face to otherwise derived acronyms like NER, the Near East Relief effort, that raises in excess of $116 million dollars to assemble humanitarian aid volunteers.

Launching a response campaign that under other conditions, would be a forgotten story of bloodshed and contention, gives technology the chance to underscore the notion that these beautiful people need not perish. The struggle of U.S. efforts in helping Armenian victims is improving with giving the world an accurate, uncommon vision of what genocide is and makes it not only a heart-wrenching story, but a reality with the ability to now save thousands of orphans and defenseless Armenian peoples.

Netflix describes film and media as a symbolic resource that can demonstrate how Americans and other countries respond and commit to prioritizing efforts that save lives. That humanity can always benefit by sharing knowledge and making facts available to everyone. Capturing cinema through a reality that brings light to our history. The story of Armenian Genocide is the tip of the iceberg regarding international humanitarianism, which thus far, has saved over a million refugees.

Regrettably, genocide touches so many. From Greece to Bosnia and Cambodia, leadership in place to protect the vulnerable has failed miserably. The deliberate massacre of ethnic and cultural populations that should never occur is still a fact and one that must cease with everything we are as a species. Corrupt rulers and civil wars claim the lives of too many. Responsibly, technology and companies like Netflix is one tool that will continue to unite us and bring hope to all.