Will future generations see Tobacco as corporate genocide?

Will Future Generations See Tobacco as Corporate Genocide?

The world is rapidly changing day to day, and with each new generation of people there comes the evolution of technology and lifestyle. While many of these changes are beneficial and awe-inspiring, certain bad habits are following society into the new world under a façade of shiny new metal. The successful campaign of making smoking cigarettes “cool” pushed by Big Tobacco companies has been upgraded to the more discreet electronic cigarettes known as “e-cigs” or “vapes”.

Exactly what is the difference? Nothing. The story is still the same: tobacco companies make more money and users keep dying from their product.

Because tobacco companies are big corporations, they have one primary goal in mind at all times which is to make large sums of money. Due to the recent pushback as populations become more educated on the dangers of smoking tobacco, these large corporations have been labeling “e-cigs” as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. In reality, they present the same serious health risks and side effects of cigarettes, such as lung cancer and addiction. Over one-third of tobacco smokers will die from smoking-related causes, and it doesn’t matter if it’s from an expensive rechargeable vape or a familiar rolled cigarette from a carton.

A quick search will tell even the least educated person that almost 500,000 people die every year in the United States from the products the tobacco corporations are pushing, and that is not even counting the nearly 50,000 per year who die from secondhand smoke exposure. The tobacco bosses know that their product is killing people, about 1,500 people per day, yet they still push users to kill themselves slowly. They target teenagers, and young adults for new victims as the older users die off at their hand by creating new products and ad campaigns.

With all this blood on their hands, tobacco corporations are killing more people than most genocides have, and are making more than enough money to quiet, corrupt, or take down anyone who tries to interfere with their attack on the public’s health. As future generations become more knowledgeable and information becomes easily accessible, is it very likely that they will come to the conclusion that tobacco companies have committed corporate genocide.